11 Backyard Patio Ideas That Are on Trend

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Stone tile patio

Your backyard patio can provide a needed extension of your living space. It makes the perfect spot to entertain guests and family, unwind after a long day, and create new memories. To create the ideal space, you can find many ways to make the patio a perfect fit for your lifestyle.

Below we review some backyard patio ideas to transform your backyard and increase the time you spend outdoors.

Modern Backyard Patio Design Ideas for You

1. Add Some Privacy Screens

Do you feel like your backyard patio is a bit too open? You can add standing screens and curtains to make the space your own. You can also consider upgrading your existing fencing to ensure you can relax on the patio without seeing passersby and neighbors.

If you prefer to go natural, consider using trees, finished bamboo, and hedges to make the space more private.

2. Go the Solid Paver Route

Adding solid pavers to your backyard patio can elevate your property’s aesthetic and financial value. Paver patios make a durable and attractive option. Flagstone or brick surfaces can remain attractive for years, withstanding foot traffic, pressure from outdoor furniture, and the elements.

With so many styles and colors to choose from, you can find the right type of pavers for your property. Popular options include natural stone, brick, and cement.

However, paver patio projects require expertise and significant investment. Work with an experienced home remodeling company to get the most value for your money.

3. Embrace Cozy Outdoor Lighting

Covered patio with lighting

Are you looking for backyard patio ideas that will give you the perfect ambiance for nighttime outdoor fun? You can use strategic outdoor lighting to get exceptional results.

Top options include paper lanterns hanging around the patio and string lights lining your pergolas and awning. You can also add some candle holders and line your fences or railings with some LED rope lights.

4. Add a Pergola

Pergolas bring a unique architectural twist to any backyard patio. They offer excellent support for lighting, privacy screens, hanging pots, swings, and more.

Regardless of your taste and style, you can choose from numerous pergola designs. They come in a wide range of materials and styles. However, most people stick with wood pergolas, buying pre-cut pieces to assemble on their property.

For this major home improvement project, it’s best to enlist professionals for the job.

5. Create an Outdoor Living Room

What better way to relax outside your patio than in outdoor rooms sitting on comfortable outdoor furniture? With the right outdoor room design, you can make your backyard patio the top relaxation spot in your home.

Consider fitting the room with recliner deck chairs, Adirondack chairs, and cushions featuring waterproof fabric. A hammock or porch swing can make the space more attractive if you have an awning or pergola strong enough to support it.

6. Create Warmth for Cool Nights

You don’t have to cut game nights short as the temperatures drop. You can spice up your backyard patio design with a heater. Backyard patio heaters come in different designs and styles. You can also choose electric options if you don’t want to pay for propane or natural gas.

Choose one or two stylish options to improve the look of your patio space and ensure more warmth in cold weather.

7. Spice Up the Space With Greenery

Some strategically placed plant pots can make your backyard patio more relaxing. You can create a robust backyard container garden with a flower box, raised planters, and large ceramic pots. When choosing the pots and planters, always choose muted colors to keep the focus on your greenery.

However, you should keep in mind that the plants will require fertilizing, watering, and occasional repotting if you want them to remain healthy.

8. Add a Fire Pit

Covered patio with fire pit

An outdoor fireplace is one of those backyard patio ideas to embrace if you want to bring that rustic, relaxing feel to your backyard space. It’s perfect for cookouts or simply relaxing in the winter months.

Consider a portable standing pit if you want an easy-to-move option. All you need to do is find a desirable option and bring it to your patio. For a more permanent option, call a home remodeling company for a customized dug-out fireplace with a paver border. Permanent, well-designed outdoor fireplaces can improve your home’s value.

9. Build an Outdoor Dining Room

An outdoor dining space makes great use of your backyard patio. It provides the perfect way to make every day a picnic. To create an outdoor dining room, you need dining tables and chairs made for outdoor weather. Look for metal, rattan, waterproof fabric, and teak options for the best results.

10. Add an Outdoor Sound System

Do you want to enjoy some music while out on your backyard patio? Choose from a wide selection of outdoor sound systems that fit the outdoor aesthetic. You can find Bluetooth speakers that look like rocks or wooden stools for the patio wall space or floor.

These weather-resistant speakers can get really loud, making them a fantastic choice if you frequently host parties in your backyard.

11. Install a Water Feature

The sound of running water makes any environment relaxing. Add a small water feature in or around your backyard patio to make it the perfect space for relaxation, reading, and meditation. 

You can choose from different types of garden fountains, including bowl fountains, rock fountains, step waterfalls, and more. You don’t have to build any of these from scratch. Many home improvement stores have a healthy selection you can choose from.

Bring Your Backyard Patio Ideas to Life

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