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6 Types Of Bathroom Vanities And Materials You’ll Love

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These Are The Bathroom Vanities People In Anne Arundel County, Maryland Are Deciding Between

The right vanity can tie a bathroom together perfectly while also giving you plenty of space for your and your partner’s hygiene products.

In this post, you can discover the vanity types you can choose from and what materials you can make them from. You can also find out the 2 main styles of vanities.

Beautiful double bathroom vanity with white cabinets and a marble countertop

6 Types Of Bathroom Vanities

1. Under-Mounted sink vanity

You’ll want one of these if you prefer aesthetic over storage for your vanity.

Under-mounted sink vanities have their sink basins built into the top. This makes the rim of the basin even or almost even with the vanity’s surface.

Homeowners like this type because they add a more modern look to bathrooms. The only slight issue is the basin of the sink goes into the vanity, limiting storage space.

2. Vessel vanity

You’ll find this kind of bathroom vanity in fancy restaurants and hotels.

The sink basin sits atop the vanity. This gives it an elegant look that’ll make your bathroom seem fancier. There’ll be more room for storage in the vanity itself, too. Bathroom vanities of this type have several different basin shapes you can choose to use.

3. Wall-Mounted or floating vanity

This type of bathroom vanity looks impressive and is unique from any other type.

You won’t ever stub your toes on this type of bathroom vanity because they don’t touch the floor! Your contractor will mount them directly onto the wall, giving them the illusion of floating. They don’t take up lots of space and leave room for some storage beneath them.

Just don’t put too much weight on them. Your contractor should be able to estimate the weight limit.

4. Freestanding vanity

You want this bathroom vanity if you like the traditional type.

It’s like a chest of drawers with sinks on top of it. Storage space depends on whether you choose an under-mounted or vessel sink. The typical look for these bathroom vanities is stained wood, though you can find some that have ceramic tops.

5. Vanity cabinet

This vanity will fit wonderfully into smaller guest bathrooms.

You see vanity cabinets in smaller bathrooms because they tend to be on the smaller side. They have the same door style as kitchen cabinets.

6. Pedestal Sink

If you want a simple yet elegant style for your bathroom, then look no further.

This freestanding sink is precisely that- a sink. It’s raised on a pedestal to about waist height and has enough room around the basin for soap and one or two other hygiene products. You’ll need to find different ways to store your hygiene products.

Materials For Bathroom Vanities

If you want to choose a material that isn’t on this list, we recommend finding one resistant to temperature and humidity changes. It also needs to be able to handle a lot of weight.

Natural stone

Granite, quartz, marble, and a few other natural stones are great for vanities.

Most of them are resistant to scratches, stains, heat, and moisture. You’ll love the unique look that many of them bring to your bathroom. They are on the pricier side, but the elegant and unique look makes them worth it.


If you want the wood look for your bathroom vanities, plywood’s the material for you.

People make plywood by gluing several sheets of wood together, making it more resistant to moisture damage. You can then paint or stain it whatever color you want.

Laminate or particleboard

You can go the budget route and choose one of these two materials.

Even after painting or staining or otherwise decorating them, you may still be able to tell vanities made from laminate or particleboard are of lower quality. They also aren’t as durable as the other materials.

Which Style: Single or Double Bathroom Vanities?

You can choose between these two styles of vanities depending on your bathroom.

A single vanity is usually more than enough for smaller bathrooms, such as hallway and guest ones.

For your master bathroom, you have two main options. You can choose to have two single vanities or a longer, double vanity. With a double, you’ll get more storage and counter space. But with the two single ones, you’ll get more elbow room.

Which Of These Bathroom Vanities Is Best For You?

The trick to getting the best vanity for your bathroom is finding a balance between aesthetic and function. It needs to look good but still work for your needs.

After finding one, you’ll want someone to install it for you (it’s a pain-in-the-neck DIY project). You can contact us or find out more about bathroom remodeling.

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