Bathroom Remodeling Before And After Pictures That’ll Impress You

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You’ll Want To Start Planning Your Bathroom Remodel After Seeing These Pictures Of Real Projects In Anne Arundel County

These bathroom remodeling before and after pictures are of real projects clients had us do for them in and around Pasadena, Maryland. 

See what they look like below-

“Where do we start and end the day?” asks Christina.

Robert looks around in confusion. “The bedroom?” Christina laughs. “Well, yes, but I meant the bathroom. We wake up and go to sleep in our bedroom but we don’t really start or end our day until we get into the bathroom.”

Robert frowns. “What’s your point, exactly?” Christina leans against a counter. “Our bathroom is old. It doesn’t look that great. It’s just not a great start or end to the day because I can’t relax in there.”

“Oof, yeah, now that you mention it, our bathroom really could use a remodel,” Robert agrees. Christina beams. “Great! So I found some great bathroom remodeling before and after pictures this contractor did and you have to see them. We’ll want to start looking for remodelers in the area too.”

Christina pulls out her phone and opens it to the webpage she’d left up. Here is what she shows Robert:

Pictures Of Bathroom Remodeling Before And After

Here’s a quick before and after video of a bathroom remodel we finished in February 2020:

The new color scheme is what really brings this bathroom into the 2020s. It looks less busy and has a more sleek feel to it, giving it a classier presence. The vanity got an upgrade too with darker cabinets, more storage, and better light fixtures.

Wallpaper And Tile To Natural Stone

This before and after bathroom remodel changed the feel by a lot:

The wallpaper style is a design of the previous decade, as are the white square shower tiles. Replacing those with bathroom paint and tiles that look like natural stone really modernizes this bathroom.

From Old To New

This bathroom went from old-fashioned to New Age:

Pink is a nice color, but it doesn’t really fit modern themes. Whites, blacks, grays, and blues are the more popular colors today. The floors went from the old white squares to new dark rectangles. The square shower tiles were updated to the new subway tile look. Once we finished it with the glass doors it looked amazing.

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“And these are just the before and after pictures of the bathroom remodels they’ve done. We can see more completed projects and look for more information,” Christina points out.