The Best Paint For Bathrooms That Will Stay Looking Better For Longer

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Learn What Paint Will Keep The Bathroom In Your Pasadena, Maryland Home Looking Amazing

The best paint for bathrooms isn’t based on the brand. It depends on the finish. Paints with shinier finishes are more water-resistant and work the best.

Find out which finishes work best below-

“Yeah, their bathroom paint peeled so quickly. We’re not making the same mistake,” says Christina.

“What do you think the problem was?” asks Robert. Christina shrugs. “Not too sure. They definitely didn’t use the right paint. Maybe it was the finish?”

Now it’s Robert’s turn to shrug. “I mean, I guess that could be it. Instead of wondering about that, why don’t we look up the best paint for bathrooms on Google? Then we don’t have to worry about making the same mistake.”

Christina breaks out into a smile. “That’s a great idea! We only want to use the best materials for bathrooms so ours can look amazing and stay that way.” She whips out her phone and starts typing furiously.

Here is what Christina and Robert find:

The Best Bathroom Paint

The best paint for bathrooms is based on finish. Semi-gloss is the best paint for bathroom walls and ceilings because it resists heat and moisture well. High gloss paints are best for bathroom cabinets. High gloss paints aren’t good for walls because it’s too shiny and imperfections show through.

Why All Paints Don’t Work In Bathrooms

Bathrooms have a lot of heat and moisture in them from the shower. The heat and moisture eventually work the paint loose or causes mildewing. Using a fan or opening a window or door will only delay damage for so long.
The flatter (less shiny) a paint is the worse it is for bathroom settings. Matte, the flattest paint, is hard just to clean without damaging it. Putting it in a hot and humid environment will destroy it. Make sure whoever’s painting your bathroom is using a shinier paint.

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“Ooohhh so they probably used a flatter paint,” points out Christina. Robert nods. “Seems like it. Let’s see what else we can learn while we’re here.”


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