Ceramic vs Porcelain Tile Flooring And Which Is Best

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When it comes to ceramic vs porcelain tile flooring, the differences are mostly price, durability, comfortability, water-resistance, and how it’s made.

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Aren’t They The Same Thing?

“Ceramic and porcelain? I’m not sure, actually,” admits Robert.

“Well, I think they’re basically the same but with a few key differences,” says Christina. Robert shrugs. “That sounds right, but what are the key differences in ceramic vs porcelain tile flooring? We should find out before we choose for our kitchen and bathrooms.”

Christina smiles and nods. “That sounds like a great plan to me, hon! Let’s look it up on Google and see what we can find. It worked for us when we were looking up bathroom remodeling costs.” She gets out her phone and starts searching on Google.

Here’s what she and Robert find out:

The Differences In Ceramic vs Porcelain Floor Tiles

While made from the same base material, ceramic and porcelain are different. Porcelain floor tiles are stronger, have higher water-resistance, are harder to work with, and are more expensive. Ceramic floor tiles are more comfortable to stand on, are more easily damaged, and are more customizable.

Porcelain Floor Tile Pros And Cons


Porcelain floor tiles are made from denser clay and are fired at higher temperatures for longer than ceramic. This is what helps make them more durable and water-resistant. They’ll last for years and any damages blend in well.

But, the heaviness and thickness have their cons.


Porcelain tiles cost more to make than ceramic. You need special tools to work with it, which also drives up the price you’ll see. It’s also not very customizable when it comes to how it looks.

Ceramic Floor Tile Pros And Cons


Ceramic is lighter and more flexible than porcelain. This makes it more comfortable to stand on and easier to work with. These play together to make it less expensive than porcelain. You can also customize your ceramic to look like anything from wood to stone.


The lightness of it is also a drawback. Ceramic floor tiles aren’t as durable or water-resistant as porcelain. They also wear down a bit faster.

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“So, which should we choose when it comes to ceramic vs porcelain tile flooring?” asks Robert. Christina shrugs. “How about we dig deeper into this blog and see what else we can learn?”