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The Cost Of New Kitchen Cabinets In Maryland Remodels (It Might Suprise You)

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Find Out How Much People In Pasadena, Maryland Are Investing In Their Kitchen Cabinets
Tile flooring in kitchen that looks like stone

The cost for new kitchen cabinets starts at $90 per cabinet and goes up into the $300s and higher. It depends on what grade cabinet you get and its size.

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When To Need New Cabinets

“The water damage destroyed our kitchen cabinets,” Robert growls angrily.

Christina walks around the kitchen, arms folded. “I can’t believe it. Now we need to go out and buy new kitchen cabinets. It’s not ideal, but I guess now’s as good of a time as any to remodel our kitchen. Or parts of it, anyway.”

Robert shrugs. “Yeah, you have a good point. What’s the cost for new kitchen cabinets? Might want to look that up first. Then I guess we can look at different types of kitchen cabinets.”

Christina nods and opens her phone. “Let’s look it up right now.” She begins searching Google as Robert paces around the kitchen.

Here is what she finds on new kitchen cabinet costs:

How Much New Kitchen Cabinets Cost

Kitchen cabinets can cost between $90 and upward of $300 per cabinet. Lower end cabinets tend to range from $90 to $125. Higher-end cabinets cost anywhere from $300 and up. Mid-grade cabinets go between $150 and $250.
Slab style kitchen cabinets

Differences In Kitchen Cabinet Grades

A standard builder grade kitchen cabinet is made of particle board and may have a hardwood or laminate front. Since it’s not solid wood it costs less.
Find out the cost to remodel a small kitchen so it looks like this

A middle-grade cabinet will have a plywood box and hardwood front. They may or may not have soft close drawers and doors. They typically have a longer manufacture warranty and come in more styles and colors than the builder grade. The size is what mainly changes the cost for new kitchen cabinets of middle-grade status.

Shaker cabinets like the ones in this kitchen are part of the three main types

A high-end cabinet will also have plywood box and hardwood fronts, but they’ll come with soft close doors and drawers. They’ll also have a higher quality finish and a longer warranty. They have many styles and colors to choose from and they have fewer defects from the manufacturer.

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“Now we can basically estimate how much we need to budget for this,” says Christina. Robert nods. “Well, I guess now we should look for more information on kitchen cabinets so we can pick out the best ones.”