6 Ideas For Home Additions That Will Serve You Best

You Can Bring More Room And Fun To Your Home In Pasadena, Maryland
Garage addition with second story on top of it

Some of the popular ideas for home additions include adding a hardscape, room additions remodel, garages, full additions, and second-story additions.

See some pictures of real addition projects below-

We Need Some Elbow Room

“We can just go outside for that, right?” jokes Christina.

Robert snorts before continuing. “Yeah we can, but we’ll be standing in the middle of a lawn with some plantings in it. I mean we need more room in this house. Since being stuck here it feels a lot smaller.”

Christina sighs. “Yeah, you’re right. So, what are you suggesting?” Robert smiles. “We should step up our game and get an addition! We can look up ideas for home additions and see if there are any we like. Then we can look at how much home additions can cost.”

Christina brightens up. “That’s a great idea! A perfect start to finding more ideas that are just as good,” she laughs. Robert takes out his phone as he walks over to sit with her on the couch.

Here’s what the couple finds on Google:

6 Ideas For Home Additions

Fire pit home addition

6 popular ideas for home additions include hardscapes, room additions remodel, garages, full additions, and second-story additions. You can use any of them to bring more space to your home. Some are more difficult than others and will disrupt your home life.

1. Hardscape Addition

A second story deck with a patio next to it that has a fire pit

You can install a hardscape and start fully enjoying your outdoor area. Hardscapes include patios, decks, retaining walls, walkways, gazebos, pergolas, and entire outdoor living spaces. You can even throw in an outdoor kitchen! There are plenty of types of hardscapes to choose from.

2. Room Addition

Adding a room onto the side of a home

Sometimes you just need one more room in your home. Another family member might be moving in or on the way and will need their own room. Guest rooms, another bathroom, a laundry room, or even a man-cave are some other ideas for room additions.

3. Remodels As An Idea For Home Additions