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3 Types Of Kitchen Cabinets People Love Remodeling With

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Find Out What Kitchen Cabinets People Are Putting In Their Homes In Pasadena Maryland

The three main types of kitchen cabinets people are remodeling with are shaker, raised panel, and slab. Each brings a different feel to the kitchen.

You can see pictures and more in the post below-


“What are you looking at over there, Christina?” asks Robert.

Christina smiles and turns so he can see the phone too. “There are 3 kitchen cabinet styles I’m looking at. Here, I’ll show you pictures and tell you a bit about them.”

Here are the pictures and what Christina tells Robert:

3 Popular Types Of Kitchen Cabinets

The three types of kitchen cabinets people are putting into their homes are shaker, raised panel, and slab. These kitchen cabinet styles all bring a unique look to the kitchen they’re in. Shaker cabinets are plainer, the raised panel more stylish, and the slab more modern.

Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

This is one of the most popular kitchen cabinet types.

Shaker cabinets reflect the simple and functional beliefs of the religious order that started making them. They are made of 4 sides for the frame and a middle panel. This is what allows them to fit into a wide range of kitchen styles.

Raised Panel Cabinets

They have the same style as Shaker cabinets, but one part’s a little different.

This type of kitchen cabinet has the middle panel raised a bit. It may seem like only a small change but it has a big effect on the overall look.

Slab Kitchen Cabinet Style

This is the modern style of kitchen cabinets.

No frame, no panels, just one smooth cabinet door. These cabinets can provide an almost seamless look for your kitchen. The cabinets can come with or without handles depending on what you want.

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“So, which style do you like the best?” asks Robert. Christina frowns. “I’m not sure yet. I want to see what else I can find out about kitchen remodels before I decide. Let’s see what else we can find on this blog.”