7 Ultimate Master Bathroom Ideas for Your Home

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Gray stone bathroom with floating wood vanity

Remodeling your master bathroom has never been easier in today’s modern world. From choosing the tiles to decorating with wood paneling, the internet is rife with accessible choices. Here are some of Brucksch & Sons’ most popular master bathroom ideas!

1. Open up the Room

A common request in remodeling is creating more space. Whether for storage or concept, gone are the giant cabinets beneath vanities. Shelves and carts instead offer a wider range of flexible design choices. If those aren’t your style, consider one of the different types of vanities!

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves offer accessible storage space with a clean, modern look. Show off those fabulous tiles you picked out, and have a place for your toiletries too! Several ideal spots for the shelves include:

  • In the shower
  • Over your toilet
  • Extended from the window

Utility Carts

Utility carts invent a movable mode of storage. If you’re someone who frequently rearranges their space, this cart is ideal for you! It’s also easy to reach into and organize when desired.


Vanities remain a popular way to store items. Install a floating vanity to better fit your modern bathroom aesthetic. Upgrade from your one-sink vanity to a double vanity for more counter space in your master bathroom

2. Accessorize Your Shower or Tub

Bathroom with shower and bathtub

Designing your bathroom comes with the ultimate question: shower or tub? Owning either provides a comfortable and clean space.

A walk-in shower elevates your bathroom with a spacious, luxurious touch. Put speakers and a bench in your shower to create the ultimate relaxation zone.

For a splash of color, add tiling or marble for an accent. If you want your tub elevated, put it on a platform. Replace the spout in your tub with a retro fixture instead. Exchange the drain for an unconventional one. For a view of the outside world, install a skylight.

3. Heat Things Up

Imagine entering your bathroom in the morning to find everything toasty warm: the floor tiles, the towel rack, even the toilet seat. Well, imagine no more! There’s no need to subject yourself to a frozen toilet seat in the morning.

When you step out of the shower, there won’t be any hopping around on a chilly floor. The tiles, warmed up perfectly, are a great fit for any bathroom.

Once you’ve finished with your towel, hang it up on your heated rack! As far as master bathroom ideas go, it doesn’t get more luxurious than this.

4. Change the Lighting

Master bathroom ideas include lighting on mirror face

We all know lighting can change the mood significantly. Setting the atmosphere for your bathroom can instantly ease your emotions. Install a color-changing set of LEDs and control the vibes with a remote.

You can change the colors, but you can also change the fixtures! Instead of regular sconce lighting, consider installing a bath bar.

5. Install a Chandelier

This option might seem strange, but trust us! Select a chandelier—consider any of the ones below—and hang it as a centerpiece to pull the room together.

  • Candle Style: Want a vintage feel to your bathroom? Try out a candle-style chandelier. Some even come with flickering lights to imitate real candles!
  • Drum: A drum chandelier looks exactly how it sounds: like a drum! Most are shaped with a band around the lights, hence the name. If you want the light to be less exposed, then this light fixture is perfect.
  • Sputnik: If you’re fond of mid-century modern design, sputnik chandeliers hail from this iconic era. Its name originates due to its ties with space since it resembles a bursting star.
  • Globe: These chandeliers bring a classic look to any room. They also become great conversation starters!
  • Lantern: Similar to candle style, lantern chandeliers invoke a vintage ambiance. If you’re trying to transform your home into a castle, these two are fantastic options.
  • Ring: However, if a candle chandelier seems too bold of a choice, consider a ring-shaped one. It combines the styles of candle and drum versions in a much simpler design.

6. Get Creative with Wall Decor

Bathroom with black hexagon wall and white hexagon wall

If none of the above stand out and you’re in search of something easier, try decorating the walls! Though it sounds simple enough, customizing the walls adds quick and effortless charm.

Green Wall

If you’re a plant mom or dad, having a green wall makes for a great side project. You select your favorite plants, frame and install them vertically, then tend to them as you would normally! If you love the idea of a green wall but not having to water plants, fake plants work just as well!

Gallery Wall

Decorate the walls with framed paintings and portraits. Whether professional or from one of your children, this adds a highly personal touch to your bathroom. Alternating frame shapes and colors create an equally customizable choice.


Installing wallpaper no longer requires using thick paste and seaming the corners. Instead, wallpapers with a peel-and-stick adhesive have become more popular and mainstream. They’re also eco-friendly!


Textiles add endless options of textures and designs. Want a wood panel detail down one specific wall? Go for it. Wish your shower had textured cubbies? Do it! With textures, you can do no wrong.


If you desire more extravagant decor, bling it up! Purchase sequin-fabric shower curtains. Look for crystal LED bathroom mirrors. Hang prints with custom sheens to show themselves off in your modern bathroom. The possibilities are limitless!

7. Water Closet

Bathroom with closet

No, not the British term for a bathroom, but a literal closet in your bathroom. Incorporate racks and store your wardrobe in the bathroom to fashion the ultimate room. Changing clothes has never been easier!

Additionally, include a window seat or a small bench for comfort. Use curtains for maximum privacy. Install outlets for an iron or a hairdryer to create a more functional and accessorized space.

Inspired by these master bathroom ideas? Brucksch & Sons Contracting loves helping you with your design concepts for the ultimate master bathroom remodel! Fill out our contact form today for a free over-the-phone estimate, and let us make your dream bathroom a reality.