These Are The 4 Kitchen Cabinet Finishes People Love In Their Homes

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The 4 kitchen cabinet finishes are paint, stain, glaze, and using finishing techniques. You can use any one of them to bring a different feel to your home.

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“For our kitchen cabinets? I don’t know, what do you think?” asks Christina.

Robert sighs and rubs the back of his head. “I’m not too sure either. The stain looks good but there are other choices for kitchen cabinet finishes.”

Christina nods, staring at the cabinets. “Let’s look up the different types of finishes for kitchen cabinets on Google. It worked when we did it for kitchen cabinet types. We can find out if there’s more besides staining and painting. Plus, we can see some pictures!”

Robert smiles and unlocks his phone. “That’s a great idea, let’s go ahead and do it.” He starts typing into Google as Christina walks over to look on with him.

Here’s what the couple learns:

The 4 Types Of Finishes For Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet finishes include stain, paint, glaze, and finishes techniques. Stain’s show off and enhance the wood’s unique look. Paint gives off a more modern feel. Glazes add character and strength. Finishing techniques make the wood look aged.

1. Stains

The main difference in stains is in how light or dark they are.

Lighter stains tend to show off more of the wood beneath them. Darker stains hide the natural wood more but not completely. Stains are great protection against sun and moisture damage.

2. Paints

This kitchen cabinet finish has a lot of color choices.

Popular colors include whites, grays, and blues. Painted cabinets have a more modern feel to them because they cover up the material beneath. They give kitchen cabinets a more uniform look.

3. Glazes

Glazing is an additional finish that can go over paints or stains.

Glazes can help can show off more of the grains and patterns in stains. You’ll see more depth in the paint or stain and it makes the cabinets shinier. It can slightly change the color of the paint or stain unless you use the penning method of glazing.

4. Finishes Techniques

If you want an aged look to your cabinets, this kitchen cabinet finish is ideal.

Finishing techniques distress the wood. Basically, you could say it artfully damages the wood so it looks older and has more character.

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“Ok, so staining and painting are the main finishes while glazes and finishing techniques are enhancement finishes,” Christina sums up. Robert nods. “That’s right. Let’s see what else we can learn while we talk over which finish we want.”